One constant thing that every successful person does irrespective of age, race and religion is self-development. Every successful person tends to build their knowledge in their field of interest. To aspire to be a successful person you must emulate these strong features from already successful individuals. Luckily for us, we have sites that offer free education on various courses online with some offering certificate after the completion of each course.

Here are 5 great online sites that will help you develop yourself in any course of interest


Coursera comes first on this list I put together. Coursera offers courses from different fields and has partnerships with different universities and organizations around the world. While the site offers you free courses under the financial aid section, the site also gives you certificates at the end of your course to help build your CV if you intend to apply for a job, promotion or contract. The site also tops the list because it connects you to students across the world studying the same course as you.


Khan Academy

This is another amazing free online educational site that offers you a wide range of courses. The site was created in 2008 to assist students with a variety of online options for free. The site partners with many post-secondary schools offering a simple easy to use the site to help you keep track of your learning.


Open Culture Online Courses

This site features courses that are private to several universities, making you have access to standard courses from various prestigious universities around the United States. The site offers over a thousand videos, podcasts and lectures from various universities, making learning easy. You can find all you need for a course at the university on the site without having to go to the University’s site.


Academic Earth

This online site also offers free sites from universities all over the world. According to users, the site stands unique because it lists courses and schools making it easy for you to search for the course and institution you desire.



This Online course has ranked the fifth on the list for its variety of courses and languages available for learners. Although similar to Coursera, the site stands unique because it gives students the chance to build custom courses from various lessons.