As we celebrate the New Year 2020, we also celebrate the start of a new decade having a conscious thought that another era is taking shape. If someone had written an article about what to take seriously in the last decade most of the things might not be relatable to this period because life continually evolves. However, some things must be taken seriously now according to new studies and reports on these different areas of our lives.



About a decade ago, we might not have been advised to be cautious about our health as most of the diseases which are now prevalent were not common or had very little awareness. With the rise in cancer and other dangerous diseases, some of which have no precise cure, it is really important that we take extra care of our health. Do not have sex without protection outside the confines of marriage, get a checkup done regularly, do not self medicate, eat healthy, stay away from alcohol and hard drugs, exercise regularly, reduce your sugar intake, check your breast for lumps monthly. These things can never be too much, be conscious and observant about every part of your body.



Several reports have ranked Nigeria to be amongst the poorest countries in the world with above half of its population living in poverty. What this means is that people need to make a conscious effort to ensure they live above the middle class or maintain the middle class successfully. How does this work? Investments, savings, understanding how banks operate to avoid being cheated, having a financial plan monthly, being disciplined about your spending and so much more. The more seriously you take your finances, the better your chances of growing your finances. Make a conscious effort to live lower than your standard, which will give you more funds to save and invest wisely.


Skill Acquisition

Acquiring a skill is a key factor in this new decade. Individuals who have mastered a certain skill seem to be the ones who tend to make more money than those working a 9-5 job. Or even better having both and investing the extra income. Mastering a skill means that there will always be demand for your skill on a daily bases in the Nigerian market or the global market. The more you perfect your skill, the better chances you are at getting more money and more clients. Gone are the eras where bankers were wealthy people, people with exceptional skills are the main deal.


Technological Advancement

As the world evolves, so should we. With new technological advancement coming to light often, it is important that you keep up with them. Learn to understand how the technology works In your field most especially, be informed and up-to-date. The world is moving, do not be left behind.