No matter how ‘modernized’ you are, there is no denying the fact that lots of mysteries happen towards the end of the year/ new year. Not only do some cities become more crowded, but some also become scanty leaving evil-doers with fewer options and a greater chance of getting away with a crime. Earlier this year, several ritualist dens were discovered in different areas of Lagos with the shocking part being that these dens were situated in very busy areas. As kidnapping continues to be on a rise, it is only logical that you stay safe.

Staying safe doesn’t just entail being kidnapped or killed, it entails travelling safe, avoiding drunk drivers or being a drunk driver yourself, avoiding being robbed or injured (remember the cab driver who lost his sight from a robbery just last month) and so much more. Here are some steps to stay safe


Travel Early Enough

The best time to travel is in the morning, especially by road. When you travel early enough either by road or air, you will have the chance to get to your destination in good time even though you have stop-overs or car issues. If you are going through public transport, the chances that your driver has had ‘a shot’ or two is lesser than travelling later in the day. Security operatives have also warned against night travels to prevent being robbed or kidnapped.


Don’t Walk Alone At Night

This has always been one of the things security operatives’ advice when talking about safety. The chances of people noticing something happening to two people are far higher than one. As ladies or guys, have something to protect yourself with, from a pepper spray, a whistle, a torchlight, a pocket knife, or another thing to protect yourself with.

If you are every robbed and asked for your wallet, please don’t struggle or fight.


Do Not Drink And Drive

It’s one thing to be a victim of a drunk driver; it’s another to be the drunk driver. During the festive season, alcohol and the rest will fly around the air that we breathe, so it is important that you drink responsibly. If you must drink, be ready to get someone who is sober to drive you home.


Avoid Deserted Streets

Try to avoid streets that are deserted especially at night, even if it’s the shorter route. Deserted places are the bases for criminal activities, so please take the busy routes.


Let Someone Know Where You’re Going

As adults, we feel we are under no obligation to ‘share our locations’ with people. Some of us go out with little or no information about our destinations which is a terrible habit we have to stop. Lets someone in on your plans, your brother, sister, best friend or whoever you trust. You might just be saving yourself from being killed or violated.