If you are conversant with trends on social media, “detty December” shouldn’t sound strange to you, as this December promises to serve us every dose of fun as usual.  With detty December comes ‘parte after parte’ which most defiantly includes spending. So as you have fun and spend money, you must remember that you’ve worked so hard on your finances this year to waste it all in a month, and as usual I’m here to remind you of that.


Block Ears To Sales

Almost every outlet offers a certain discount on their goods during the festive periods, while this is a good time to buy items, it can also be a trap to spend money. Most times our hearts race different when we hear about sales even though we don’t need the items up for sales. We feel that because it’s a good offer we can’t afford to miss the chance, eventually you end up buying a ‘want’ (something you can live fine without) than a ‘need’ (something important that you really need to have)


Go For Shows Were All Your Favs Will Attend

In as much as you want to party and have fun with your friends, December is here to take every penny you own if you’re not careful and this applies to people in every state. To save more money, check the shows/ concerts available in December and choose the ones that have more artists attending, that way you have more fun and enjoy being entertained by more artists. Also, watch out for free concerts organized by many telecoms companies or any beverage company (they are known for having free shows). You will have so much fun as long as you stay safe and keep your valuables well.


Go For Concerts In Open Space

The chances that you’d have more fun in an open concert and spend less are above 70%. During open concerts, you can sneak in drinks and snacks because the security team is more concerned about safety than your food. Aside from the luxury of food and drinks at cheap prices, you can also have space and freedom to dance and have fun with friends without being in anyone’s face.

No one dresses so much for a concert especially since most times you’re standing all through the show, so you don’t need to spend on being extra for your looks, a pair of jeans and a shirt or shorts will do just fine.

Tell me a better way to have fun and save more money than this, I’m waiting.


 Buy Gifts You Can Afford

Don’t be the person who collects all the time without giving. Buy gifts for your family and friends to put a smile on their faces. However, endeavor to buy gifts you can afford, don’t spend more than your budget for the month in the name of buying gifts.

Great gift ideas are books, hair accessories, pedicure sets. These things don’t have to take too much money if you buy at a wholesale store.

Happy New Month


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