As the year comes to an end, the importance of rounding off on a good and healthy note cannot be overemphasized. Taking problems into a new year when you can fix them now can affect your motivation to the plans you have for the coming year. Irrespective of how the year had played out for you, you can make plans to ensure you have a better year and ensure negativity is left behind.

Here are a few tips to help you stay focused in the coming year.

Pay Your Debt

If you own any sum of money, pay up. To pay up your debt, you might want to excuse yourself from “detty December” plans, not buy as many new things as you’d have loved to buy, whichever way it is, just make sure to try your best to pay up that debt. In the New Year, you should be making plans to strengthen your finances, not the other way round.  Pay Up That Debt Now.

Resolve Relationship Issues

Nothing can pull you back into more a messy new year, like unresolved relationship problems. This doesn’t just relate to your spouse, it extends to friends, neighbours, family and colleagues at work. If a colleagues’ music or constant gist distract you from meeting your target, buy a card and wish him/her a merry Christmas in advance while also chipping it in, that you get distracted by them and will love the music be turned down. If a particular family member makes a comment that gets at you, do well to express yourself and tell them if they do not stop, you create a distance.

Resolving these type of issues will help you stay mentally healthy for the coming year, put you good spirits and make you more productive.

Have A Plan

Writing a list of the things you intend to do in the new year, is not such a bad idea. This makes you stay focused and constantly reminds you of the plans that might slip off your head. To have a plan, you must also know that it is possible for you not to get everything on the list is done (life Is full of surprises). Be gentle with yourself and realistic when setting your goals. To make it easier, you can break your list down to quarters(first, second and third quarters of the year) with the goals of each quarter being realistic for the weather, opportunities and other factors attributed to that quarter.

For example, you can’t have ‘learn how to swim’ in the last quarter of the year, this is because this quarter is mostly really cold and can make you exposed to cold.

Have A Budget

Although it is impossible to know how much you’d spend in the year, you can have a budget for your savings, your investments, what you want to invest in, how much you intend to set aside for social functions or weddings, and so much more. There is nothing wrong with making 4 the maximum number of “Aso Ebi” you intend to buy in a year.

Under having a budget, do not forget to include a budget for gifts. Have a small amount set aside for getting a family member or friend a gift. Giving should become a habit.