With every New Year comes new resolutions and goals an individual hopes to achieve before the year runs out. Study shows that celebrating the New Year comes with a certain type of adrenaline that makes you want to ‘smash’ all your life goals in one year. Unfortunately by the middle of the year over 70% of individuals who made resolutions have either forgotten completely about them or have failed in keeping up with them that they give up. Your inability to meet up with your goals for the year, in the long run, can be caused by various reasons (mostly unplanned) and here are a few ways to help you stay on course.


Set Realistic Goals

This is one of the biggest mistakes we tend to make when setting goals for a new year. Sometimes the hope for wanting to achieve so much during the cause of the year might lead you into wanting to do ‘too much’ under a short period of time. Setting realistic goals implies that you put into consideration your resources (time, contact and money) while drawing up a plan. While you intend to have a successful empire, understand that it would be impossible to build that in a year, but you can, however, start work towards it. Yearly goals must under the power of ‘little beginnings’ as these steps that look too small and too easy will help you better in the coming years.


Review Your Goals Weekly/Monthly 

Often times we forget one or two things on our list or sometimes most of them because we do not revisit these plans. It is often advised that you ponder on these goals monthly or weekly, to help you stay focused and gives you an opportunity to keep finding better avenues to attain these goals. The more you read and see what you have written down, the more your brain automatically watches out for ways to achieve these goals.


Have An Accountability Partner

People tend to believe greatly in the fact that setting ‘secret goals’ are the only way to succeed. While this might have an element of truth, having someone you trust, either a mentor or a best friend can also be the key to success. We can tend to become lazy when we have no one to be accountable to, no one to report to about our progress or failure. It is advised that you find someone you trust if not a mentor, to share your goals with. Together your goals can all be achieved in the said duration, as having someone helps you more focused and hardworking. It also helps you emotionally and mentally to have someone to talk to when plans don’t turn out as expected.


Divide Your Goals Into Different Quarters Of The Year

This is a very productive way to get your goals achieved in a year. Having each goal fixed into the quarter it is most likely to work can help you in staying focused and not over-crowding your brain. For example, if you want to register for a course which is to start in November, there is no point in putting this in the first quarter, as it should come in the last quarter of the year. If you intend to save towards a project at the end of the year, this should be fixed at the beginning and middle of the year, to keep you focused. Dividing your activities and goals will take off a lot of mental stress from you.


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