It’s a completely different type of hustle to get a job in Nigeria. Irrespective of the state or region finding a job in Nigeria is probably one of the toughest tasks anyone can embark on. Asides being qualified for the position you intend to apply for, how well you perform during interviews is ultimately what makes you hired. In Nigeria cases have been reported of interviews gone wrong, ‘bad companies’, interview misconduct, HR heads giving advice about what candidates should do etc, all of which can be found useful if you prepare adequately. Having a good degree is not a guarantee that you’d get the job. The following steps should be taken to prepare for an interview.

Research The Company And Address

When an email pops up on your computer or you get a text message for an interview, this should be the very first thing you do; Research. Research the name of the company on sites like Nairland and check for the things that has ever been mentioned about the company, if you are lucky you might see something about the owners (how good or bad they are), the address must also the registered on Google as the companies address if not be very careful. Reports have been made about GNLD product promoters who hide in the disguise of having a job opening, just to lure people into becoming marketers of their products. They have also been reports of addresses sent to unsuspected victims by kidnappers under the disguise of interviews. I would have normally advised that you ignore any interview date sent by a company you didn’t apply to, but I also know that sometimes we send so many applications daily while job hunting that we sometimes cannot keep track hence the need to run a background check.

Analyze The Position Available

When you are sure that the company is safe, next you must analyze the vacant position and ‘make a match’. Making a match entails that you research what is expected from someone who fills in the position and finds out if you have these qualities; certifications, skills, experience, professional certifications, computer skills and any other feature that is needed for the position. The good thing about this ‘match’ is that when you are asked what you intend to bring to the table during the interview, you can be sure to mention a few of these outstanding qualities that make you fit for the job. Once you are sure you have what it takes to attend the interview for the position in question, then you can move forward to prepare for the interview.

Get Directions

The worst thing that can happen to you, is getting to your interview late and unsettled. To avoid this, ensure you either go to the venue days before the main date or ask and be certain of the routes you intend to ply, putting into consideration traffic, congestion, public transport availability and so on. The best way to fail an interview is to keep your interviewer waiting.

Practice Interview Questions

We all know that there are frequently asked questions at interviews and these are what you should prepare for. While I will be discussing this in the next blog post, details will not be stated here. However, search online and see how best to respond to some of these questions. While responding to these questions, ensure you go straight to the point and you articulate properly. No one wants you telling them stories that don’t relate to why you should get the job. Practice your non-verbal and verbal communication skills ie your gesticulation, your smile, your choice of words.

Dress Official

Stop wearing Jeans for interviews. Have your hair packed well or well-groomed. If you must wear a skirt as a lady, ensure you stay away from short dresses above your knees, extremely tight dresses and dresses that might expose your cleavage. For men have groomed hair and beards, find a way to get your clothes ironed and please smell nice. Nothing makes you stand out as much as bad breath or body odour.