Attending an interview and making outstanding performances don’t just happen, that comes with adequate preparation. While we have discussed what to do before the day of your interview to ensure you look presentable and get there in good time to mentally prepare before time, it is of utmost importance that you prepare for what will be asked inside the interview room by the interviewer. Research has revealed that there are some questions that frequently asked during interviews around the world. Here are some of the interviews and how best to answer them.


Tell Me About Yourself

As a candidate who sent his or her résumé about a month earlier, you’d be shocked to see that the interviewer is just scanning through at the moment you enter into the room. So this question is an opportunity to introduce yourself and makes sure it sticks. Most times when asked this question, what is expected of you is a precise answer as to your name and career path. Skip personal statements and keep it professional, speak only of your career and highlight outstanding things you’ve done. Keep it brief and simple but also be very intentional in everything you say. The more you rehearse answering this question, the better for you.


Tell Me About Something About Your Résumé

Often times when this question is asked, it is to give you an opportunity to tell them something you were exceptional at and excelled at. You must have a moment that you are most proud of, maybe being a team lead and excelling in a project or making amazing landslides in your career. While basking in your own achievements do not ‘over-do’ it and are very precise. There are other candidates waiting to be attended to.


Why Should We Hire You?

This question requires that you speak about the skills and work ethics you have that might make you easy to work with. For example, you can highlight your ability to work well under pressure and give an example of how you excelled in your previous job. You can also mention the skills you already have which is need for the role. Keep it short and simple but very direct, being a good team player, a great understanding of app and software that will be needed for the position.


Where Do You See Yourself In The Next Five Years

This question is a tricky question. Why? Because the interviewer wants to know if your dream in the next five years has any correlation with the position you are applying for. The question is also to know how long you might want to work for the company, if you are ambitious, and if you set realistic targets. Often times people who don’t set realistic targets are hard to please by a company and tend to move from one company to another in a short period of time.  If this job does not correlate with your vision in the next five years, you should point out that you hope the job helps you navigate your life into achieving the set goals.


How Do You Deal With Stress? Or Tell Me About How You Were Able To Get A Job Done Under Short Notice?

Each question can be asked in place of the other and only helps the interviewer know how well you can work under pressure and still relate cordially with your teammates. The company needs to be sure that you are creative enough to work under short notice and still perform excellently well, as this might happen at least twice in a year.  The logical way to answer this question would be to highlight a period when this has happened before and how you were able to cope with the pressure.


What Is Your Salary Requirement

Often times people are shy and scared of this question when asked. You should be precise and put in factors that make you think you are worth the fees mentioned. While some ask this questions, others do not ask until they are sure of their candidate and on a few occasions its always a bargain especially if you are outstanding. However, don’t overdo yourself or show any form of pride.


Do You Have Any Questions?

This is not the point where you get to ask about your salary. This is an opportunity for you to be able to let the interviewer know you carried out adequate research on the company. Ask about their policies and speak on something you noted during your research. Keep it short.


Irrespective of how you answer these questions, it is key to understand that you must be confident, direct and friendly during your interview. Sit properly, speak when needed and listen when needed, Don’t say too much about your personal life, unless you are asked, keep all information official.