“It is health that is wealth, and not pieces of gold and silver” Mahatma Gandhi

To be healthy is the basis to the eventually of all your hopes and dreams but unfortunately for us in this part of the world, we don’t take the necessary precautions or steps to ensure we stay healthy. In Nigeria an average family will never visit a clinic for a checkup unless one member of the family is sick; we have such a funny mentality towards our health that it comes as no surprise that the statistics for health issues keep increasing. We’d rather cling to prayers than watch what we eat, or how we tack care of our body to stay healthy. The rate at which people have heart attacks, cervical cancer, strokes and many more have become very alarming.

Save yourself the expense of having to visit the hospital every other month by following these easy steps to help you maintain good health.


Go For A General Check-Up

It is time to stop the mentality that makes you feel that you only go to the hospital when you’re sick. You should go for regular checkups, to check your blood pressure, sugar level, best for toilet infections or UTIs and so many more.

A period of 6 months should do when trying to time your general checkups. Often times most illness that kills could have been avoided if they were detected on time. So please register in a hospital and get a complete checkup done.


Eat Healthily

What you consume determines your health in a lot of ways. Your food determines your weight, the outlook of your skin, your health, your sugar level and so much more. Reduce your intake of processed foods, junks and soda and concentrate more on vegetables and fruits, home-cooked meals and healthy smoothies.

Research has shown that they help keep diseases away and keep your organs functioning properly.


Maintain A Healthy Weight

Maintaining a healthy weight could also be categorized under-eating healthy, but because it is so important, I had to make it stand alone. Several years ago, being pulsed seize was a fashion no-no but not anymore. Now from video vixens, to tv stars ‘big is the new sexy’, so everyone is trying to gain some weight. This can be tricky because if you don’t watch it you cross the line between being thick and being big.

Nothing good ever comes from being big, yes you can be thick and sexy just don’t cross the line. For men who think only women should watch how big they get, think again. The bigger you get, the more prone you are to having a stroke, complications in breathing and so much more. Ask your doctor.


Exercise Regularly

When it comes to your health, exercise cannot be ignored. Not only does it help you stay in shape, but it also helps your mental health as well. When you exercise regularly, your breathing improves your heart functions better, you sleep better, you stop snoring eventually and so much more.

If you don’t have the time to go to a gym, you can get a skipping rope, or a yoga mat at home and dedicate 30 minutes daily to working out.


Stop Smoking

Smokers know that every advert reminds them that smokers are liable to die young, it’s also the most come advice doctors given when they need you to stay healthy but still, they keep smoking.

We still haven’t found out the benefits of smoking, but we are told of the adverse effects all the time. So quit.


If You Must Drink Responsibly

Alcohol only destroys the liver, so quit. However, if you must drink, stick to red wines as some study has shown that they have health benefits.

Drink responsibly


Protect Yourself From Sexually Transmitted Diseases 

 In a time where infidelity seems to be the other of the day, do not have sex without protection if you are not married. If you are, ensure you and spouse go for tests at least once in six months to ensure you both are protected from infections that might be caused by toilet usage and so much more.