Remember the first time you had a taste? Remember the sensation your body got, how life seemed “cooler”, how you seemingly became happier, how you became confident to face the group of friends you usually would have been timid with? Now look at you, years down the drain and you don’t realize how much you relied on alcohol as an adult.

Well while medical researches have predicted that some might be great for you (medical experts have often said red wine once in a while is great), there is no denying that there are serious side effects to this, but just in case you don’t know, welcome on board.


Staying Away From Alcohol Improves Your Sex Life

Improving your sex life is not the most important reason you should stay away from alcohol, but we know how much Nigerians are drawn to anything that talks about their sexual health. Studies have actually shown that staying away from alcohol reduces your risk of impotency and increase your testosterone production. Testosterone is a steroid hormone produces in both humans and other vertebrates. Testosterone plays an important role in the healthy functions of male reproductive organs as well as developing key male characteristics. A woman’s body also produces this steroid only not half as much as a man. In order to have a healthy sexual life, staying away from alcohol is advised.


Staying Away From Alcohol Protects Your Liver

Let’s assume you already take too much of alcohol, staying away can help you clean it in a way and prevent permanent damages. Medical reports have revealed that regular consumption of alcohol can cause your liver cells to die, which can later cause permanent damages. So that’s another health reason why you should cut down your alcohol intake.


Staying Away From Alcohol Saves You Money

This isn’t the first time I’d be writing on this platform on how much you can save in a year from staying away from alcohol. The money you spend buying drinks can be used for something that is great for your health and your life, or better still invest the money and see how your ‘booze” money grows.


Staying Away From Alcohol helps Your Weight Loss Journey

Often times people who take alcohol struggle with weight loss even after they spend hours working out and here is why. Averagely a bottle of beer contains 180 calories, calories that are not useful to the body in any way. So cutting alcohol can go a long way in your weight loss program.


Staying Away From Alcohol Improves Your ‘Natural’ Confidence Level

You remember me talking about how booze makes you super confident? Well, the downside is that when the effect of what you drank wears off, you shrink back to your timid self. Cutting alcohol makes you work on your confidence naturally without having to rely on a substance.