This topic might come as an interesting one for most of you especially since we all want to make as much as we can to secure a future, but first, you must understand that skill means the ability to do something well; expertise. To make money or create a big brand in any of these skills, you must understand that you have to invest your time, money, and effort with a lot of patience.

These skills have been researched to have a large market base, meaning that there is space for you.


Graphics Designing

Branding is becoming a big deal in Nigeria even for small business owners who have little stores or accounts on Social media. With the need to create a brand comes the need for a graphics designer which has really increased the need for people with such expertise. For a design or logo, graphic designers charge at least N15,000 and above. Although some charge less, having this as a skill can only add to your source of income and set you on a journey to financial freedom.

If you perfect this skill, you can make an average of  N100,000 weekly as long as you keep developing yourself.



Although it is believed that Africans hate reading, one thing is for sure; we love to read about things that entertain us. This knowledge is what has made blogs strive not just in Nigeria but all over the world. Luckily for you, the internet can help you educate yourself on how to start a blog, or online courses can also help.

The more traffic you get on your blog, the more your blog is open for sponsorships, adverts and so much more. Although the turn in for blogging might not be immediate, because it takes time to build the traffic once you get there you’d be making as much as N100,000 weekly or even more.



In this age and time where every event needs to be documented, from birthdays, pregnancy journey, bridal showers, portraits for birthdays, weddings, family outings, graduations and so much more, the need for photographers has increased a great deal. Although photography might be expensive to learn, to know you’d have to purchase your camera and actually do an internship to learn, once you become good at it, money never stops to roll in.


Hairdressing/ Barbing

Never in the history of the world has it ever happened that hair stylists or barbers were out of jobs because there was no demand for them. Luckily for you, this skill is such a broad one that you can decide to just focus on one aspect only or take a longer time to perfect every aspect. Whichever one you decide to know that you’d be making money once you perfect your skill.


Fashion Designing

Fashion designing is also one of the top skills in 2019. While it might take a while for you to perfect this skill, know that once you eventually get there, you can create really nice and neat designs and you are very reliable, money begins to roll in for you nonstop. Especially with the ‘Aso-Ebi’ fever that has come to stay.



I should have probably written catering if I was talking about cooking generally which I am not. When I talk about baking, I am referring to cakes, doughnuts, spring rolls and all the other junks we now see at events instead of “food”. The demand for junks has gone to an all-time high because of the stress and mess that mostly comes with food. Moreover, it’s no news that food is good business.


Phone and Laptops Repairs

Repairing gadgets and laptops is also a skill that is becoming very lucrative. The more people invest in gadgets the more a repair person stands to earn when a screen breaks or phone needs to be flashed or any other thing that can go wrong with a gadget. RLG has decided to train 100 beneficiaries who select their tablets in each state on gadget repairs.