Having the right connection is everything, and as a Nigerian, you shouldn’t think twice before believing this. Right from secondary school when teachers favoured students because of their parent’s influence, to how easy some got admissions over others, influence has always been an important factor in everyone’s success. As adults, you’d be amazed how a contact you made at a seminar 3 years ago could help you land a contract, or get a new job.

While social media is gradually drowning in posts about the importance of having a small circle, one must not ignore what good could come from increasing your circle if you intend to succeed. Here are a few ways to meet people who could help you in your journey to greatness.

Attend Social Functions And Seminars

Social functions and seminars are great places to start if you intend to meet new people. Social functions are great because you meet people from different works of life and eventually you might have a contact in every sector that will always come in handy when you need advice or information. Seminars on the other hand are great for meeting more people who work in the same field as you. During seminars, you meet people far more experienced than you are who can subsequently become mentors.


Try a Fitness Class

Registering at a gym, yoga class or any other fitness class can help you in terms of meeting new people. Most of these fitness classes comprises of very disciplined people who happen to be goal-driven. Also, you might just be working out alongside the MD of a company you intend to apply to. People who attend a particular fitness class, eventually bond to become a strong community of friends.


Register To Be A Volunteer

Volunteering jobs are also a great way to meet people. Not only do you meet selfless, hardworking people, everything you do can be added to your CV. Volunteers might not get money for the jobs they do, but they get exposure, meet people of all works of life, and sometimes get certificates that might come in handy later in the future.


Know Your Neighbors

During my university days, I had almost failed a course out of fear for a female English lecturer, a lecturer who happened to be our neighbour. Imagine my joy when I found out that she could lend me the textbook I couldn’t afford to pass the course. In as much as we all want to be “coded”, knowing those who you sleep in the same environment as you can give you lifelong friendships and connections.


So while it’s really important to meet people, it is important to separate the wheat from the chaff. That means while you exchange contacts eventually reduce communication with people who are shady and up to no good, or whose lifestyles will contradict yours.