The excitement of moving into a new organization can oftentimes make you ignore red flags, hence the reason employees start searching for another job less than 4 months into a new one. Since we live in a society with few employment opportunities, moving from job to job under short periods of time can be of great disadvantage on your CV while applying.

It is alright to believe that not all jobs are for you. I find this article useful for those who are not just keen on getting a job, but getting a job in their line of expertise, want to work in companies long-term and desire to build a career. If this is you, then you must at this stage know what career path you are dedicated to as well as the type of companies best suited to help you grow.

We make the mistake of not asking relevant questions before accepting a job offer, either as a result of fear or ignorance, which is something that HR managers take advantage of. So here are a few things you must do or consider before accepting a job offer.


I love to tell people that your salary at the end of the month isn’t what the company pays you, but what is left after you subtract your transportation and lunch fees on working days. Whatever is left of that money is what you should see as the amount you make. While someone who lives 3 streets away and walks to the office can accept a salary of N70,000, it might not work for you if 1,500 takes you to the office and back home daily. At this point, employers tend to cut applicants out by emphasizing that to be qualified for the opening the applicant must reside close by. So while searching for a job, it’s important that you also put into consideration the location as this will greatly determine your salary. When it comes to salary, while looking at the monetary aspects, you must also consider other benefits the company has to offer, since you’re on the path to building a career.


One of the reasons why a lot of people want to work in big organizations is majorly because of the benefits they have the chance to enjoy (health insurance, pension scheme, professional courses etc). Although a small company might not be able to provide all these “big benefits” they do provide the best opportunities for a young person trying to grow. Also watch out for companies that give opportunities to partake in professional courses, training, seminars and so on. If your job requires you to be on the field then you should ensure you are clear about any special arrangements about your fieldwork, eg transportation, feeding, health insurance (just in case something happens).

Does the job offer you an opportunity to learn something new and grow? This is also a benefit you must strongly consider. There is no point in making money and not growing and improving your career if you refuse to keep learning someone else will take your job someday.

Work Environment

It takes a smart person to get this right. From the moment you step into the organization for your interview, you must use your eyes and your ears. Watch how the workers interact with each other, how they react to their bosses, the boss’s language to his/her staff and how they interact. Working in a toxic work environment can be the worst thing that can happen to anyone. No one hopes to work in a place where the Boss screams and uses derogatory words on staffs, or a place where the workers hate each other.

Take note of the moral in the company, the number of staffs, the office essentials putting into consideration any health issue you might have.

Financial Strength Of The Company

While it will be easier knowing the financial strength of a big organization through stocks, pension plans and so on, it is more difficult to find out that of a small company and this is where your research comes in.

It will be unwise for you not to discreetly find out if salaries are always delayed or paid as at when due. Go online and check everything possible about this company, from complaints to salaries to the owner of the company. Check their social media accounts, try to bring out your detective skills cause that’s the only way you might be able to find this out.

Is this New Job In Line With Your Career?

When you’re sure about all you stand to gain in this new organization comparing to your previous one, you must be sure that this new job will push you a step further in your career. If you want a career in Human Resources, taking a position as the personal assistant to an Engineer will not help your career. Maybe a personal assistant to an HR executive will be a better choice, or better still an HR intern. This is where the job description (JD) will really help. Be able to ask about this before you take a job, because unfortunately many companies are used to adding 3 new pages to your JD after you accept with “and any other assigned duty” written boldly at the end of the list.

To find a job in Nigeria is a real hustle, and it will be very disappointing to find a job and start regretting your decisions in two months. Ask questions; don’t be scared to ask questions. In fact, it’s the flaw most applicants have.

Good luck