The importance of having a good CV cannot be overemphasized especially as a young adult in Nigeria. Not only is it expected that you have your CV saved on your mail or somewhere easily accessible, but it is also expected that your CV is well constructed and has the key things an HR officer will watch out for while selecting a candidate

Basic Information

You’d be considered a joke if your CV does not show your bio information, like your house address, email, phone number. Most times applicants hide this information (state of origin, age, religion) thinking it could mark them down, however, understand that these questions could still be asked of you when you get to the company for an interview. Often times a candidate who omits vital information about his/her self can come across as shady from the get-go. So go ahead and write your bio with confidence, you’re not going to be judged on that, but if you omit it you’re passing the wrong signals.


Skills and Interests

Your CV will stand out when you include your skills and interests that will make you qualified for the job. These skills should also include volunteer experiences. This should, however, be listed while you can explain better in your cover letter to ensure your CV looks neat and simple.


Education History

There is nothing much to say here more than the certainty that every organization, no matter how small will require to see your degrees, professional qualifications before they consider hiring you.


Work History

This should be written starting from your most recent job down to your very first job ever. This section can be tricky as it can mark you down or make you the ideal candidate. Try to highlight only your strongest work positions by leaving out jobs where you spent less than 6 months because most companies might fear you’re in the habit of dumping jobs.


CV Must Look Professional

There are several free CV templates online that can help you arrange the details required in a professional order with some even giving an avenue for a “passport” photograph. The language that is required is also expected to be precise and straight to the point. The HR officer probably has over a hundred CVs to review and will only be looking out for the essential information.


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